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We have been ramping up our events and training program to bring you more events to support your renewable energy procurement goals. In 2023, our events will provide more opportunities for you to connect and learn from industry, every 4 to 6 weeks.

So register your interest in a Bootcamp, register for upcoming webinars and networking events, or watch past sessions to learn about a topic of your choice at the links below.

Upcoming events

WEBINAR | 20 June 2024 | Online

Renewable Fuels

Join us for our first renewable fuels lunchtime webinar to hear from industry experts about emerging projects and options.

WEBINAR | 11 July 2024 | Online

BRC-A Buyers’ Group Program

Do you and your organisation want to learn how group-buying works?

Register for our third Buyers’ Group Webinar where we will present on how our buyer’s group can increase company buying power and give you an opportunity to achieve greater sustainability impact together with other companies, including your supply chain.

Our Corporate PPA Training ‘Bootcamps’

Energy Buyer Training

Our Buyers Bootcamp is Australia’s peak Corporate PPA training and involves scenario-based learning with Australian companies that have executed or are in the process of executing PPAs.

Delivered 2-3 times each year, participants learn from our Buyers Faculty – experienced people from buyer organisations in a wide range of sectors with in-depth PPA knowledge. Our Buyers Faculty provide real-world takeaways, and this course will allow you to ask those questions you haven’t yet asked in an open environment and build relationships with people in similar roles.

This course is suitable for energy buyers in corporate, government and other organisations, including:

  • Procurement/Category managers.
  • Sustainability managers.
  • Accounting/Finance managers and CFO’s.
  • Contracts/Legal managers.
  • Strategic marketing and communications managers.

Training is provided in three modules, delivered across one-and-a-half-days, and caters for both Wholesale and Retail PPA learning streams.

To learn more or register your interest for our next course, click the link below.

Register your interest


Energy & Service Provider Training

Our Energy Provider and Service Provider Training provides a unique opportunity to gain insights from companies experienced in procuring renewable energy. This training features energy buyers and service providers sharing their experiences – the challenges, what worked and what didn’t, and the levers they used to make the deal happen.

These sessions are aimed at helping the supply-side of the equation to better understand what the demand side is seeking in a renewable energy partner. We address topics that often represent a challenge to either side, such as how to respond to specific tender requirements and social and environmental co-benefits, demonstrating alignment with the proponent’s values and a wide range of other topics.

These courses are suitable for project developers, energy consultants, legal consultants and engineering consultants operating in Australia.

We will soon be programming dates for these events for 2023, so watch this space!

Upcoming events

Networking events

Melbourne, we have not forgotten you!  We plan to hold our first networking event for 2023 in Melbourne, so watch this space…

Keep an eye out for these events in our program for 2023!



Our Buying Power Webinar Series is delivered throughout the year to address challenging topics relating to corporate renewable energy procurement. Companies considering renewable energy procurement options, energy and service providers alike join our webinars to understand emerging market trends – to support internal decision-making.

Returning in 2023 and attracting around 250 registrations per webinar, this regular series is an opportunity to learn form industry experts and ask your questions about challenging topics such as Storage and 24/7 PPAs, LGC price forecasts, Electricity prices & when is best to contract, Transparency & certainty, Stakeholder engagement, Supply chain, the Post-2030 landscape and many others. They are also a great opportunity to showcase your knowledge in your area of expertise and experience.

We are proud to partner with the RE100 Australia initiative to deliver regular Energy Insights Webinars co-hosted by our two initiatives – to hear form companies that have made the 100% renewable commitment and how they plan to achieve it.

To find out about our next Webinar, see Upcoming events above.

Past events

Buyers’ Bootcamp Sydney 2024

TRAINING | 19 June 2024

We will be holding our next Corporate PPA Training Bootcamp for Energy Buyers in Sydney. To learn more about our Bootcamps, see the link below.

BRC-A Buyers’ Group Program

WEBINAR | 4 June 2024

We will present on how our buyer’s group can increase company buying power and give you an opportunity to achieve greater sustainability impact together with other companies, including your supply chain.

Meeting your corporate sustainability targets with renewables | PPAs & the CIS

WEBINAR | 29 May 2024

At this month’s webinar, we will launch our new FACTSHEET: Meeting your corporate sustainability targets with renewable electricity.

Social Licence in PPAs

WEBINAR | 30 March 2024

More and more, energy buyers and sellers alike are recognising the need to meet social licence goals in renewable energy generation & procurement. Get in touch to participate or register for this Webinar – registration link coming soon.

Market Outlook for 2024 & Supply Chain PPAs

WEBINAR | 23 February 2024

For the second year running, Australian companies – including many of our members – contracted a record volume of renewable energy through corporate renewable PPAs in 2023.

Come to our lunchtime webinar to hear BRC-A and industry experts speak about key factors that drove this result, the role that supply chain PPAs played, and what it tells us about what we can expect in 2024.

Renewable PPAs and Innovative Alternatives

WEBINAR | 6 December 2023

Are you looking for innovative ways to meet your company’s renewable energy purchasing goals?

Hear from industry experts about innovative renewable energy purchasing alternatives, such as distributed energy behind-the-meter, community energy and project equity opportunities that can help you to address your company’s Scope 2 emissions.

Buyers’ Bootcamp Melbourne 2023

TRAINING | 13 October 2023

We will be holding our next Corporate PPA Training Bootcamp for Energy Buyers in Melbourne. To learn more about our Bootcamps, see the link below.

Central West REZ: Renewable Electricity Info & Training for Business

TRAINING | 30 September 2023

BRC-A and EnergyCo are partnering to deliver in-person and online workshops on the role that Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) can play in enabling organisations to benefit from renewables in the Central West Orana Renewable Energy Zone (REZ).

Queensland REZ: Renewable Electricity Info & Training for Business

TRAINING | 25 August 2023

Would you like to help your organisation switch to renewable electricity? Do you have questions about power purchase agreements (PPAs) or how your organisation can benefit from renewable energy development in Queensland? Come to our Queensland training in August!

Developer Bootcamp

TRAINING | 19 July 2023

Heading to the Clean Energy Council’s leading event Australian Clean Energy Summit 2023 in Sydney this July? Grab some lunch and join the BRC-A a lunchtime on Day 2 to hear from leading corporates as they share insights to help you with your next corporate PPA push.

24/7 Renewables & additionality

WEBINAR | 30 June 2023

Join our Buying Power webinar as we delve into the transformative power of 24/7 renewables and the concept of additionality in the Australian energy landscape.

Discover how these factors are shaping a sustainable future, and gain insights from experts on harnessing clean energy to meet growing demands. Don’t miss out!

Small Buyer Training

TRAINING | 7 June 2023

State of the PPA Market 2022

WEBINAR | 3 March 2023

We will present the results of our 2022 State of the Corporate PPA Market report and discuss the market outlook for 2023. Join us and ask your questions of our expert panel.


BRC-A Xmas Member Mixer

NETWORKING | 6 December 2022

Please join us for our annual Xmas Member Mixer drinks to celebrate another great year!  This year’s event is proudly sponsored by EY and Flow Power. This is a members-only event, and registrations are essential!

To register, please get in touch with Alex Nassar


RE100 and BRC-A Webinar: Mapping the road to 100% renewables.

WEBINAR | 14 November 2022

LGC Price Trends & Future of the RET

WEBINAR | 4 August 2022

How will the current electricity market affect your decision to contract renewables?

WEBINAR | 1 July 2022

Corporate PPA Best Practice Guide Launch

WEBINAR | 13 May 2022

Managing PPA risk in volatile market conditions

WEBINAR | 6 October 2021

LGCs: crucial to credibility or holding back action?

WEBINAR | 16 June 2021

From Cost to Opportunity

WEBINAR | 6 May 2021

Government Leadership and the Queensland Renewable Energy Strategy: Race to the Top

WEBINAR | 24 February 2021

PPAs for Better Health Outcomes

WEBINAR | 30 November 2020