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Australian Corporate PPA Deal Tracker

Which companies have contracted renewables via PPA in Australia? Our deal tracker includes all publicly-announced Corporate PPAs executed across Australia. The deal tracker is provided by Energetics (a BRC-A member) and is updated regularly.

See the Deal Tracker.

Roadmap to renewable electricity procurement

Our Roadmap is an interactive, step-by-step guide to buying renewable electricity, providing links to helpful resources at each step. It is currently available on our members portal.

Guides, tools and templates

We have developed over 20 guides, tools and templates to help you to meet your renewable energy procurement goals. These resources are used for different procurement options, and hav been developed together with Market Advisory Panel. And we are developing more resources to support the needs of the growing market. These resources are currently available on our members portal.

Here is a glance at what is available:

Project marketplace

Our project marketplace provides a snapshot of over 120 solar and wind projects available for energy off-take from renewable energy project developers and retailers across Australia. It provides project data and information about the project developers and retailers, and includes contact information. This resource is currently available on our members portal.


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