Buying Power 2021 Webinar 3 | 16 June 2021

Corporate renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are now a mainstream part of the clean energy transition taking place across Australia. But as we all know buying organisations come to the market with many different objectives. This has resulted in a number of different deal types emerging that have varying degrees of impact.The role of Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) in these different deal types and the environmental claims associated with them are a topic of hot debate at the moment.

Are they a crucial element of Australia’s journey to 100% renewables or are they holding back action?

Watch a heated discussion on the role of LGCs, how they can best be used for impact and what the future holds.

Our panel of experts:

  • Ric Brazalle, Managing Director, Green Energy Trading
  • Lisa Zembrodt, Schneider 
  • Jonathan Prendergast, Technical Director, Business Renewables Centre-Australia