Buying Power 2023 Webinar 1 | 3 March 2023

Are you looking to reduce your company’s Scope 2 emissions and want to learn more about buying renewable electricity and what’s happening in the market?

In 2022, more companies contracted renewable electricity than in any previous year. We saw deals form high profile corporates Apple, Telstra, BHP, Wesfarmers, Woolworths, Westpac and many others.

Buyers groups emerged as a major market player, and we saw growth in contracting by smaller energy buyers with big names, such as HSF and BUPA.

We will present these and more highlights from our recently released annual State of the PPA Market Report 2022. Our report takes data from our annual industry survey, insights from our Corporate PPA Database and our Market Advisory Panel, providing a strong picture of market 2022 and a basis for market forecasting in 2023.

During the session, we will ask our panel of market specialists about the forces driving this record year for Corporate PPAs and what we can expect from the renewables market as we launch into 2023.

Our panel of experts: