Trade and Investment Queensland Feature: Power Purchase Agreements – a Roadmap for Buyers

NEWS | 30 Oct 2020

Antonio Lovisi, Senior Trade & Investment Officer at TIQ and BRC-A Funding Partner, recently wrote an article on LinkedIn describing his recent experiences working with us and participating in our Buyers Bootcamps. Read the full article here.

Here is an excerpt from Antonio’s article:

Queensland growth in PPAs

I’ve been privileged to work with the Business Renewables Centre Australia (BRC-A) to organise a range of events over the last 12 months to spread the word and promote greater use of PPAs in Queensland.

Most recently, TIQ and BRC-A hosted the September Buyers’ Bootcamp, which brought power purchasers from a range of companies together to hear how PPAs can potentially reduce electricity costs and exposure to price fluctuations.

A roadmap to help buyers

A key part of the seminar was discussion of a Buyers Roadmap developed by BRC-A to help demystify the PPA process for buyers.

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I personally find the roadmap a real asset. At each step, it includes primers, tools and templates targeted at buyers who don’t have energy as their core business.

As Chris Briggs from BRC-A said:

Our Buyers’ Roadmap is designed to guide you and your organisation through the off-site renewable energy procurement process. PPAs can be daunting but our roadmap is a step-by-step guide based on the experiences of other buyers – large and small. It takes you through the PPA journey from understanding your needs and options when you get started through tenders and negotiation to agreement execution and management.

Please join our November event. Our next event will be a virtual developers’ bootcamp in late November where we’ll do a deep-dive into the buyers’ perspective.