Request for EOI for offtake from Haystacks Solar Garden

NEWS | 6 Nov 2020

Haystacks Solar Garden is seeking an offtaker interested in sourcing its renewable energy from our highly ethical and socially groundbreaking project. The Haystacks Solar Garden is Australia’s first large-scale solar garden and will allow access to the benefits of owning solar to Australians currently locked out of solar due to a lack of access to an appropriately sunny roof (eg renters, apartment dwellers, heritage houses).
Expressions of interest are now being invited from corporate entities, brokers or retailers that would like to negotiate the purchase of renewable energy generated from the Haystacks Solar Garden. Located near the village of Grong Grong in the Riverina of NSW, the Haystacks Solar Garden is a pilot project aimed at bringing this exciting new community energy model to the Australian market.

EOI Process and Key Dates

The EOI period closes 5pm Tuesday 17 November 2020. To submit an EOI please complete the Returnable Schedule from Appendix A being sure to answer each applicable question. Once complete please forward the Returnable Schedule to Kim Mallee at the Community Power Agency (contact details below).
Shortlisted organisations will be notified by 5pm Friday the 20th of November and then enter a negotiation phase to finalise price, volume and preferred contract start date.

Should you have any questions regarding the EOI process or require an extension please contact Kim Mallee at

Request for EOI for offtake from Haystacks Solar Garden for details on volume, structure, term, LGCs, price and other project parameters.