BRC-A Appoints Inaugural Technical Advisory Panel

NEWS | 30 Nov 2018

Part of BRCA’s role is to bring Tools, Guides and Primers from the US Business Renewables Centre to Australia, and ensure they meet the needs of Australian buyers and project developers. These have been very successful and valuable in the US in helping buyers navigate the journey from business case to deal finalisation, reducing transaction costs for Corporate PPAs and bringing more buyers to market. BRCA will develop these Tools, Guides and Primers over the next 12 months and make them available to Corporate Buyer members. To ensure they reflect market conditions and experience, BRCA has appointed a panel of experienced and knowledge buyers, along with Professional Service Providers and Project Developers to review and provide guidance through this process. We are delighted to have such an excellent panel with diverse range of experience and capability.
Name Organisation Industry Role
Adam Clarke The City of Newcastle Buyer – Local Government
Sanjeet Singh CBA Buyer – Corporate
Zach Mackey Carlton & United Breweries Buyer – Industrial
Nick Jones University of New South Wales Buyer – Education
Adam Zaborszczyk Independent Consultant Professional Services
Anita Stadler Energetics Professional Services
Aylin Cunsolo Baker Mckenzie Professional Services
Ben Waters Presync Professional Services
Daniel Teng Origin Energy Electricity Retailer
Lachlan Cresswell Macquarie Project Developer
Monique Miller Clean Energy Finance Corporation Project Financier
Simon Corbell Energy Estate Project Developer
BRCA would like to thank the panellists for agreeing to provide their time and expertise in the interests of developing a stronger Corporate PPA market in Australia.