My Greener Planet

MyGreenerPlanet (MGP) is disrupting conventional carbon markets and democratising the Renewable Energy revolution.

MGP provides fractional or part ownership of completed and operating solar and wind farms. It is an equity interest in perpetuity.

Companies, organisations and individuals become joint asset owners and entitled to the carbon credits and the financial returns.

Legal title to the asset is vested in a Trustee acting on behalf of all Owners. All cashflows from the sale of energy is paid to Owners

providing a return of 5%+ pa. The original cost is fully repaid providing a pipeline of carbon credits free of cost.

In addition the Owners receive their share of the carbon credits.

Pay once only upfront for carbon credits for 35+ years. This is a hedge against the rising price of energy and carbon credits.

Why buy someone else’s carbon credits when you can produce your own.