Iberdrola Australia

Iberdrola has over 55GW of installed capacity and provides energy to 34 million customer billing points worldwide. Iberdrola is globally recognised as a sustainability leader, and has a deep commitment to the green energy transition. Iberdrola’s global expertise includes renewable energy, networks, smart grids, large-scale energy storage, energy innovation and digitisation, and advanced customer products.

Iberdrola’s operations in Australia include owned and operated wind farms in NSW, SA, Vic & WA, as well as utility-scale batteries and gas peaking capacity. As both a generator and a retailer, Iberdrola on-sells its renewable generation to C&I customers under a range of contract structures and partnerships, from standard retail up to long-term, firmed PPAs (Retail PPAs) linked to its assets.

Past projects

  • Lake Bonney 1, 2 & 3 Wind Farms (SA)
  • Lake Bonney 25mw/52MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
  • Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park (SA, wind & solar, under construction)
  • 120MW GT firming capacity (SA, operated)
  • Bodangora Wind Farm (NSW)
  • Capital Wind Farm (NSW)
  • Woodlawn Wind Farm (NSW)
  • Smithfield gas peaking plant (NSW)
  • Wallgrove 50MW/75MWh Battery Energy Storage System (NSW, operated, under construction)
  • Cherry Tree Wind Farm (Vic, operated)
  • Walkaway Wind Farm (WA)