Energy Estate

Energy Estate’s mission is to accelerate the transformation of the energy sector and decarbonisation of industry.  We are committed to help our customers achieve net zero outcomes throughout their supply chain by supporting the energy transition. We are focussed on digitisation of the industry, new and emerging technologies, and the potential for creating jobs and economic growth through this approach.

We have a sharp focus on the largest CO2 emitting sectors and our core strategy over the next 5 years is to take our current pipeline of projects through development, construction and into operations and to deliver the next generation of decarbonising infrastructure.

The Energy Estate team has a unique combination of core competencies and skills across technical, financial, commercial, policy, stakeholder engagement, social license, transaction and project leadership. The team has experience and knowledge across the energy value chain along with broad and deep relationships across key investors, market participants, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders.

Utilising this multi-disciplinary team highly experienced team, EE can support energy users, investors seeking to evaluate opportunities, and project developers seeking to achieve routes to market for their projects.

Past projects

Project 1: Bomen Solar Farm, Project 2: Springdale Solar Farm, Project 3: Rodds Bay Solar Farm, Project 4: Winterbourne WindFarm