Many organisations have set ambitious renewable energy or carbon reduction targets, such as via RE100. BRC-A is here to help you deliver on those targets.

If your company has clean-energy or climate targets, we can help you hit them—faster, easier, better. Whether you are a corporation interested in signing your first deal, a repeat buyer, a wind and/or solar developer, or a renewables transaction service provider, you’ll benefit from BRC-A membership.

Membership in the BRC-A brings access to:

  • our online Marketplace where Buyers can connect with wind and solar projects seeking offtake as well as Service Providers who can provide specialist advice and services,
  • our Primers and Guides which talk you through the novel and complex aspects of large-scale renewable energy procurement,
  • Buyer Bootcamps that provide organisations new to renewable energy procurement with an introduction to the Buyer Roadmap,
  • a community of experienced Buyers and our Technical Directors who can assist you with impartial advice and information as you progress through your transition to renewable energy.


For information on membership offerings and benefits, please see our BRC-A Membership Prospectus.