Upcoming Corporate PPA Training ‘Bootcamp’ Sydney, first half of 2024

Our Buyers Bootcamp is Australia’s peak Corporate PPA training and involves scenario-based learning with Australian companies that have executed or are in the process of executing PPAs.

Delivered 2-3 times each year, participants learn from our Buyers Faculty – experienced people from buyer organisations in a wide range of sectors with in-depth PPA knowledge. Our Buyers Faculty provide real-world takeaways, and this course will allow you to ask those questions you haven’t yet asked in an open environment and build relationships with people in similar roles.

This course is worth 6 CDP Points (Green Building Council of Australia) and covers:

  • Corporate PPA Roadmap.
  • Key PPA types, their benefits & limitations.
  • PPA mechanics: How PPAs work.
  • Energy markets 101.
  • Building internal support.
  • RFP process & the Go-to-Market Strategy.
  • Common challenges & how to manage them.
  • Community benefits & best practice.
  • Aggregation/group buying.
  • Communicating your claims to the market (avoiding green-washing).


The course is suitable for energy buyers in corporate, government and other organisations, including:

  • Procurement/Category managers.
  • Sustainability managers.
  • Accounting/Finance managers and CFO’s.
  • Contracts/Legal managers.
  • Strategic marketing and communications managers.

Training is provided in three modules, delivered across one-and-a-half-days, and caters for both Wholesale and Retail PPA learning streams.

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A half day introduction to the basics of offsite renewable energy purchasing. Covers the basics of GreenPower, LGCs & Retail PPAs. Review case studies to understand the basics of the PPAs process and how other organisations have succeeded.



Take a deep dive into how a PPA deal is done with other buyers seeking to do the same thing. Covers both Retail & Wholesale PPAs. BRC-A’s technical experts will give you the tools to ask all the right questions and support your executive team to get the deal done.

This course is worth 6 CDP points (GBCA).



The PPA market is always changing. Once you’ve completed Modules 1-3 of our Bootcamp, our twice-yearly Market Update will ensure you stay on top of market and policy changes that affect your purchase to keep your deal progressing, measured and reported on using the latest information.