The Business Renewables Center online primers cover the most important technical issues related to off-site corporate renewable energy transactions. The Australian team is constantly reviewing and rewriting these primers and guides for the Australian market. These resources are available on our members portal. To access these resources join now to become a member.

  • Accounting Primer

    The Accounting Primer describes how leading companies have addressed their accounting department’s three key concerns.

  • Economic Analysis Primer

    The Economic Analysis Primer explains how companies calculate a deal’s NPV and identifies the key issues to address.

  • Deal Structure Primer

    The Deal Structure Primer reviews common types of transactions, along with the pros and cons of each approach.

  • Risk Allocation Primer

    The Risk Allocation Primer describes key risks in power purchase agreements and how they can be allocated.

Finance Primer

accountingThe Finance Primer describes (i) the types of finance used for large, off-site, renewable energy projects, (ii) the main issues to consider in order to structure a bankable PPA and (iii) how allocation of risks will impact financing.


The Business Renewables Centre Australia’s online guides cover the most important organizational issues related to successfully closing a large-scale renewable transaction.

  • Internal Support Guide

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    The Internal Support Guide describes why leading companies have chosen to purchase renewable energy and details what key steps to take to generate internal approval.

  • Deal Dream Team Guide

    The Deal Dream Team Guide explains how companies can create teams with the necessary skill sets to complete transactions.

  • Deal Process

    The Deal Process Guide reviews the essential four stages of completing a transaction.

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