New Corporate PPA Opportunity – South Australian Government – Request for Tender

“The Government of South Australia (State) invites proposals for an across government contract for 100% of its electricity supply requirements.

This open RFP is the first stage of a two stage Procurement Process. Following completion of the evaluation of RFP responses, shortlisted Respondents will be invited to respond to a selective Request for Tender (RFT).

The State is a significant user of electricity consuming in aggregate approximately 500 GWh each year. The State’s contract for electricity supply and retail services for all State sites covered by this Procurement Process has a current expiry date of 31 October 2020 with options to extend to 31 December 2021.

The State’s electricity demand is categorised as follows:

  • Large sites (greater than 160 MWh p.a.) – approximately 637 NMIs consuming approximately 405 GWh p.a.
  • Small sites (less than 160 MWh p.a.) – approximately 6,117 NMIs consuming approximately 66 GWh p.a.
  • Unmetered lighting (street and traffic lights) – 61 NMIs consuming approximately 27 GWh p.a.”

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