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The economics for large-scale renewables are better than ever. More Australian organisations are seeking energy price security through fixed pricing (corporate Power Purchasing Agreements or ‘PPAs’). Many have set ambitious renewable energy or carbon reduction targets, such as via the RE100. Attractive prices exist, however corporate PPAs remain a challenge to negotiate, requiring an in-depth understanding of the energy market, the opportunity and industry players.

BRC-A will draw from the knowledge and experience of Australian industry and the Business Renewables Center (USA), which has already helped major organisations (such as Adobe, Facebook, Walmart and Google) to procure 11,080 MW of renewable energy since 2014.

If your company has clean-energy or climate targets, we can help you hit them—faster, easier, better. Whether you are a corporation interested in signing your first deal, a repeat buyer, a wind and/or solar developer, or a renewables transaction service provider, you’ll benefit from BRC membership.

Membership in the BRC brings access to the BRC Marketplace, where buyers can browse wind and solar projects in development, the BRC Deal Tracker, primers and guides on the novel and complex aspects of large-scale renewable procurement, and more. Semiannual conferences bring together market participants and those who are considering entry into the market, and provide an invaluable forum for networking and learning.

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