The Business Renewables Centre Australia (BRC-A) streamlines and accelerates the corporate procurement of utility-scale wind and solar energy.

In 2014, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), an independent, non-partisan non-profit organisation that drives clean energy, established the Business Renewables Center in the USA, bringing together corporations, project developers, and intermediaries. Through engaging with industry, RMI recognised the market barriers that hindered corporations from executing large-scale wind and solar transactions and resolved to establish a member-based platform to overcome those barriers.

The BRC publicly launched with 28 founding members, including General Motors, Kaiser Permanente, Nestlé Waters, Owens Corning, and Salesforce, and major project developers and transaction service providers. Today, the BRC (USA) has 260 members, has delivered 11,080 MW renewable energy deals; BRC-affiliated companies were involved in 96% of those transactions.

In Australia, WWF-Australia established the Renewable Energy Buyers Forum(REBF) in 2015 to accelerate renewable energy uptake by corporate organisations in Australia. With over 250 members, including many top 50 ASX-listed companies, 75% of Australian corporate PPAs have involved a WWF REBF member company.

During 2018, a partnership was formed between Climate-KIC Australia, WWF-Australia’s Renewable Energy Buyers Forum and the Institute for Sustainable Futures (University of Technology Sydney) to help address market barriers identified in Australia and provide independent advice to industry on renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPAs).

This partnership identified a strong need for a facilitator and educator to help guide Australian organisations in the renewable energy procurement process, as well as the success of the BRC model in the USA via our not-for-profit affiliations.

Now, with the assistance of funding from ARENA, the Victorian and New South Wales Governments, the Business Renewables Centre Australia is launched in 2018. Leveraging the strong membership base of the REBF, the expertise of Climate-KIC and the PPA know-how of ISF, the BRC-A will work with industry experts and build upon the knowledge and tools developed by RMI’s BRC (USA) model to furnish the Australian industry with the support required to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy by the commercial and industrial sector.