5 MW PPA opportunity with Nillumbik Shire Council

This announcement is to advise your organisation of an upcoming public tender to be issued by Nillumbik Shire Council for the following and to invite you to share this information within your networks to any interested parties.

RFT 1920-72 Design, Construction, Ownership and Operation of Plenty Solar Farm

  • Nillumbik Shire Council will be seeking submissions from the Solar Farm Development Industry for the provision of Design, Construction, Ownership and Operation services for the proposed Plenty Solar Farm of up to 5MW capacity located at the former land fill site (Council land) at 290 Yan Yean Road Plenty Victoria 3090.
  • Council will be seeking to appoint a single provider / head contractor, and /or a consortium led by a single provider / head contractor, to deliver the goods, works and services.
  • A key deliverable under the terms of the future contract will be a Corporate PPA that will meet Council’s primary project objective, which is to achieve lower and financially sustainable Business as Usual energy consumption costs over the asset life cycle of the Solar Farm project when compared with consuming electricity from non-sustainable sources.

Timelines and Contract Term

The initial term of the proposed contract arrangement will be divided into the following Project Phases and deliverables. These phases and deliverables are planned to coincide with the scheduled completion of the Plenty Land Fill Site Capping Works, that are currently in progress and expected to be completed by February 2022.

  • Design Phase – The Design Phase is scheduled to commence in September 2020 and be completed by February 2022 (approximately 18 months allowed).
  • Construction Phase – The Construction Phase is scheduled to commence in March 2022 and be completed by November 2022 (approximately 8 months allowed).
  • Ownership and Operation Phase – The Ownership and Operation Phase is scheduled to commence in December 2022 and be concluded in 2042 (approximately 20 years allowed).

These timelines are indicative and prospective Tenderers will be able to submit their own proposed project delivery timelines in response to the RFT that will form part of the Mandatory Tender Evaluation Criteria and process.

Contract arrangements as an outcome of this RFT process are intended to commence in August 2020.

Council may, at its discretion, extend the operation of the Contract beyond the Initial Contract Term of twenty (20) years for a further five (5) years plus another five (5) years subject to demonstrated performance of the built Solar Farm project and appointed Contractor during the Ownership and Operation Phase.

The total duration of the Contract, including the exercise of options to extend the operation of the Contract beyond the Initial Contract Term, shall not exceed thirty (30) years.

Intended date of tender issue

The current intended issue date for the tender is the 16th May 2020, with an intended closing date and time of 2:00pm on Thursday 18th June 2020. The tender will be issued via Councils e-Tender portal.  Following is the link to the tender portal;


You will also find attached instructions on how to register on the e-Tender portal and how to setup and receive notifications when the tender is issued.

Disclaimer: Council may at its discretion decide not to proceed with RFT at any time for any reasons.


Lance Clark
Senior Procurement Specialist


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